About US

A challenge is different than a brick wall!


Creostruction Limited Liability Company is an infrastructure company established in 2017 and focuses in bringing new technologies and mindset to the infrastructure, bridge and sewer at the state of Kuwait.


We think we can change the roads to environmental friendly and accessible roads to everybody. As part of our journey in discovering Creostruction, we traveled and studied in different countries roads and saw different approaches in coming up with better routes and roads. We work towards solutions as we work towards solving problems. When we founded the company we were three engineers, our focus is to bring goods to the society.


Kuwait is a country that faces many challenges in a daily basis. As the country grows economically, the population increases which creates traffic and rash hours. Currently, Kuwait has a 2035 vision for the new Kuwait. Our focus is to bring this vision to the light by bringing innovative ideas to the country and rest of the world.


To do, we came up with Creostruction LLC. In our company, we focus in solving the infrastructure issues and trying to maintain friendly routes where people can drive safely and easily to their location.


Our Mission

Creostruction LLC. plans to be one of the most notable infrastructure company at the state of Kuwait to bring the 2035 vision to reality. We make sure that a good business model is being established between the company and client. Our mission is to focus and bring a good service with accountable reliable deals to the clients.